iDoc Market Searching Tips

You may search by:
Document Number
Book & Page
Subdivision (Plat)
Section, Township & Range
PIN Number

Hint:  Narrow your search by combining search criteria, such as name and beginning date or name and legal description.
Search By Party
  • "John A. Doe" would be entered:    DOE JOHN A   (no comma) 
  • "The Spot on 53" would best be searched by:   THE SPOT ON 53 and SPOT ON 53, THE
Search by Document Number 
Abstract Documents
Enter the document number with ten characters (document numbers must be preceded by “A000”.              For example:     A000257422

Older document numbers with less digits will need more zeros.
                           For example:     A000099543   or   A000008436

Torrens Documents
Enter the document number with ten characters (document numbers must be preceded by“T00000”.     For example:   T000001846

Older document numbers with less digits will need more zeros.
                          For example:   T000000546   or   T000000052

Some documents were given an “A”, “B”, “C”, etc or “1/2” after the number. They can be searched as follows: 

  • If you are searching Document Number 144004 ½, search A0144004.5 
  • If you are searching Document Number 111192A, search A0111192-A 
There are some documents that show an incorrect document number – the indexed document number should be correct, having verified them in the Grantor/Grantee index.
Some older books contain more than one document per page.   Yours may begin further down on the page.
Search by Book & Page  
For documents prior to 144619, you will search by the "Book" and "Page" fields.
When searching by Book and Page, use this format:
Book Field
Page Field
Book 111 of Deeds, page 15
Book 70 of Mortgages, page 100
Book 10 of Miscellaneous, page 21
Book G of Mechanic's Liens, page 3
Book 1 of Federal Tax Liens, page 3
Book 2 of Tree Growth, page 17
Book 1 of Old Age Assistance, page 2
Book A of Auxiliary Forest, page 14
Search by Subdivision (Plat)
Type the first 3-5 characters of the Subdivision name and then click on the down arrow button. Select the plat you need by clicking on it.

Enter a Lot and/or Block number. It is not recommended to search a large range of lots in a single search.

If it is an "Outlot" you are searching, be sure to enter the number into the “Outlot” field. 
Search by Section, Township & Range and Quarter Quarter
Enter the Section, Township and Range numbers and enter the Quarter Quarter section either manually in the “Legal” field or by clicking the appropriate Quarter Quarter on the grid to the right. (You are searching for unplatted land with this search.) 

If you type in the legal description it would need to be entered as follows:
  • The NE ¼ of the SE ¼ would be entered as NE4SE4 
  • The S ½ of the NW ¼ would be entered as S2NW4 
  • The NE ¼ would be entered as NE4 , etc.
Search by PIN Number
Only those documents presented to us with a Parcel ID (PIN) number stated on the document are indexed this way. 
Not all documents can be located using the PIN number.