The history of Koochiching County is rich and colorful. It began with nomadic Paleo-Indian hunters who pursued the elephants and bison that roamed the area 10,000 years ago. The next evidence of human occupation was left by people of the Laurel culture who built the mounds that are still found along Rainy River. At some unknown time, Dakota Indians occupied the area but were later forced westward by pressure from Ojibway, who in turn were pushed west by white settlers. For a couple of centuries, Rainy River was an important link in the Voyageur's fur trade highway.

Purpose of This Information
Europeans began settling in the area sometime before the turn of the century. Much of the history of this period was not recorded. This is an attempt to record the family histories of all who have lived in our county. One of the best ways to do this is to observe and record our own histories as time passes. This will be a permanent record of our county and its people.

Preparing Our History
We who had a part in preparing this volume feel that our lives have been enriched by the knowledge we accumulated about the people and the part they played in our county history. We also learned much about our:
  • Churches
  • Communities
  • Schools
  • Townships
We thank all who assisted and participated in any way. We hope you enjoy the Koochiching County Family History Book.