America's bicentennial year of 1976 was preceded by careful planning in thousands of communities throughout the country. Consideration was given not only to a proper observance of the event, but also to an awareness that we are all a part of history, yesterday, today, tomorrow. This history includes our:
  • Culture
  • Heritage
  • Politics
  • Education
  • Technology
  • And more
In terms of our nation's history, we think of 200 years. Yet this is not true of this area. Koochiching County was settled around the turn of the century. Many people still alive are sons and daughters of those first pioneers.

Stories of People
This history is about the people of Koochiching County: all nationalities, all races. It touches those who lived and prospered on fertile land, as well as those who had to scratch a bare living out of the woods and forest. Some stayed, some moved on. The stories of these people must be preserved because they built America. They built Minnesota. They built Koochiching County.

Today's living becomes tomorrow's history. For this reason, the Koochiching County Historical Society, in compiling this book, has encouraged family histories and stories dealing with the present and the past.

This history is arranged in alphabetical order to cover:
  • Churches
  • Organizations
  • Schools
  • Special interest stories
  • Townships
  • Villages