Document Standards

Effective Date
The standards go into effect August 1, 1997, for documents executed after July 31, 1997.

The following standards are imposed on documents to be recorded with the County Recorder or filed with the Registrar of Titles:
  1. The document shall consist of 1 or more individual sheets measuring no larger than 8.5 inches by 14 inches.
  2. The form of the document shall be printed, type written or computer generated, in black ink and the form of the document shall not be smaller than 8 point type.
  3. The document shall be on white paper of not less than 20 pound weight with no background color, images or writing and shall have a clear border of approximately 1/2 inch on the top, bottom and each side.
  4. The first page of the document shall contain a blank space at the top measuring 3 inches, as measured from the top of the page. The right half to be used by the County Recorder for recording information or Registrar of Titles for filing information and the left half to be used by the County Auditor or Treasurer for certification.
  5. The title of the document shall be prominently displayed at the top of the first page below the blank space referred to in clause 4.
  6. No additional sheet shall be attached or affixed to a page that covers up any information or printed part of the form.
  7. A document presented for recording or filing must be sufficiently legible to reproduce a readable copy using the County Recorder’s or Registrar of Title’s current method of reproduction.