All real estate transactions are recorded at the Recorder's Office. Fees are as follows:
  • Record any document - $46 (View documents standards.)
  • Multiple filing fee for satisfactions, partial releases and assignments - $10 per document listed after 4
  • Plat Filing - $56
Fees for Torrens documents are the same as above. Additional charges will be collected for:
  • Amendments
  • CECT Plats
  • Exchange certificates
  • Multiple certificate entries
  • Residue certificates
If you do have Torrens documents to record, you may need a certification, directive or proceedings subsequent from the Torrens Examiner
Please call the Recorder’s Office if you have questions.

Deeds & Mortgages
For deeds and mortgages being recorded, the Auditor/Treasurer’s Office will collect a separate check for State Deed Tax and Mortgage Registration Tax. Please contact the Koochiching County Auditor/Treasurer Office for details.

Online Documents

Koochiching County’s recorded documents may be searched online by credit card using Tyler Technology’s iDocMarket.