Civil Process

Civil Process Fees

$75 Advance Deposit Required

 Service Fee
Service of Process $75 Plus Mileage
Not Found Paper $75 Plus Mileage
Mileage Rate for Service of Found or Not Found (Flat Rate for City Limits $5) State Rate After 10 Miles
Collection After Execution

10% First $250, 7% of Remaining Balance

Advance Deposit for Levies $60
Securing Property in Replevin $70 Per Hour (Minimum 1 hour, 2 Deputies, plus Mileage)
Deputy Per Hour $35
Sheriff's Sale/Mechanics Lien Sale Sale $40 Plus $70 Per Hour (Minimum 1 hour, 2 Deputies, Plus Mileage and Document Preparation)
Sales Notices (Posting 3 Copies) $40
Drafting Certificate of Sale $40
Intent to Redeem Certificates $100
Redemption Certificates $250
Foreclosure Sales $50
Permit to Carry $100
Permit to Purchase No Charge
For more information, please call 218-283-1141.