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Our goal is to provide a high level of cost effective service and maintenance to the Koochiching County roadways and bridges.  Ensuring that all residents, visitors and businesses have access to a safe and functional transportation system.
Snow plow with shovel down

Swing PostMailbox Support Damage:

The Koochiching County Highway Department will replace all lawful compliant mailbox supports damaged by County equipment during snowplowing operations or other maintenance activities provided the support was properly installed according to U.S. Postal and Koochiching County Highway Department standards. If the installation is a standard swing-away mailbox support and damage is caused to the vertical support by direct contact of the snowplow or maintenance equipment, then Koochiching County Highway Department will repair or replace the support with a standard swing-away mailbox support as soon as possible. All replacements will be a standard swing-away mailbox support. Koochiching County will not be responsible for damage to non-standard mailbox support installations, mailbox supports that have previously been damaged or are rotten, and will not replace supports damaged by third parties.

Koochiching County does not replace mailboxes. While our snow plow operators make all efforts to avoid causing damage, snow clearing activities are inherently abusive on mailboxes. The large amounts of snow moved by our plows can and have caused damage to mailboxes even if the installation is at the correct height and setback. 

Mailbox Support Specifications 

***Koochiching County will be removing Spring Load Restrictions on paved County and Unorganized Township roads effective Wednesday May 24th, 2023 at 6:00am.  Gravel roads may still fall under posted limits for several more weeks, as they are more condition dependent.   Please feel free to contact Wally Pritchard (218-324-2957) or Trent Nicholson (218-283-1187) with any questions.***

Spring Load Restrictions - Map