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BOARD CHAIR-Charles Lepper

VICE CHAIR-Wade Pavleck

Kevin Adee
Ann Coulombe(alt)

Airport Commission:
Charles Lepper
Wade Pavleck
Bob Anderson, At Large Member

AMC Members:
Wade Pavleck
Kevin Adee
Larry Chezick
Charles Lepper
Mike Hanson
Bob Peterson (Auditor)
Doug Grindall (Engineer)
Terry Murray (KCCS Director)

Kevin Adee

Charles Lepper (alt)

Wade Pavleck

Mike Hanson
Doug Grindall Engineer(alt)

ARDC Board of Directors:
Larry Chezick

**Nomination by Board Action due to levy authority
Reappointed next term 1/01 to 1/04
(monthly - 3rd Thursday in Duluth)

ARDC Commission – Levy Authority, Brd Appointment
Wade Pavleck
Larry Chezick
(meets quarterly)

ARDC Regional Transportation Advisory Committee:
Doug Grindall Engineer

AREA Transportation Partnership:
Charles Lepper (comm rep)
Wade Pavleck (twnshp rep)
Doug Grindall (eng rep)

ATP Steering Committee:
Doug Grindall – Highway Engineer

Arrowhead Counties Association:
Charles Lepper (comm rep)
Larry Chezick
(generally 1/month on 3rd

Arrowhead Regional Library – Board Appointment:
Commissioner Mike Hanson

Arrowhead Regional Corrections Board:
Wade Pavleck
Charles Lepper

Beaver Removal Committee:
Dennis Hummitzsch - Land Commissioner
Doug Grindall – Highway Engineer

Big Falls Fire District:
Mike Hanson

Big Fork River Board:
Mike Hanson
Kevin Adee
Bernie Uran (Kooch Rep)
Wally Pritchard

Birchdale Fire District:
Mike Hanson

Blackduck Ambulance Service:
Mike Hanson
Linda Dreher

Board of Adjustment:
Mike Lemieux
Jerry Franzen
Keith Sutherland **
Ted Frederickson
Joseph Prettyman
**3rd member appointed by Planing Commission:

Border Issues:
Mike Hanson
Wade Pavleck

Car Pool:
Jan Derdowski – Extension Coordinator
Terry Glowack – Complex Superintendent
Walt Buller – Highway Foreman
Bob Peterson - Auditor
Marty Cody - Assessor
Ann Coulombe - KCCS
Debbie Graves – KCCS
Doug Grindall - Engineer

Comparable Worth Committee:
Wade Pavleck
Kevin Adee
Larry Chezick
Charles Lepper
Mike Hanson
(approves all comp worth changes)

Comparable Worth Review Committee:
Jerry Andre, Exempt Rep
Teresa Jaksa, Personnel
Charles Lepper, Board/Personnel
Wade Pavleck, Board/Personnel
LEC Rep - Inactive
Larry Stoltz, Highway Rep
Dave Larson, Courthouse Rep
Ranae Whitbeck - KCCS/PHN Rep
Marie Mettler - Non Union Rep

Con Con Citizens Committee: NO TERMS APPROVED
Mike Hanson – Board
Kevin Adee
Kenneth Henrikson (alt)
Etta Erickson
Alvin Hasbargen (alt)
Ralph Lewis (chair)
Linda Lafky
Denton Hasbargen
Tom Crumpton (alt)
Dan Zimney
Soren Olesen
Gary Swenson

Cook Area Health Services:
Mike Hanson

County Facilities Group:
Larry Chezick
(mandated by State -meets as needed in Int'l Falls)

East Kooch Sewer Commission:
Duane Sjoblom
Les Bjorkquist
Waldon Shold
Anthony Mueller
Don Billing
Larry Chezick

Emergency Management:
Duane Nelson, Sheriff

Extension Committee:
Phyllis Karsnia
Albert Eggebroten
Linda Dreher
Rosemund Kucera
Rhonda Jonson
Bob Peterson - Auditor
Kevin Adee
Mike Hanson - Board
Vacancy - Citizen District 5
Charles Lepper – Board Alt

Family Service Collaborative - Joint Powers Board:
Mike Hanson – Board
Larry Chezick – Board
Terry Murray, KCCS Director
Susan Congrave, Public Health Director

Fence Viewing:
Wade Pavleck – Board
Kevin Adee

Heritage Committee:
Ed Oerichbauer
Muriel Severt
Doug Skrief
Betty J. Henrickson
Terry Glowack, Complex Superintendent
Commissioner Larry Chezick
Commissioner Wade Pavleck

Housing Authority:
Helen Mannila
John Siats
Delmer Anderson, Sec/Treas
Joyce Anderson
Allan Nygaard
Mary Kolh
**one appointed by Co. Bd. each year, terms of 5 years

Insurance Committee:
Jennifer Heppner, Community Service Union
Tim Probst, Courthouse Union
Bob Peterson, Elected
Terry Murray, Non-Union
Dale Olson, Highway Union
Gary Loop, LEC Union
Teresa Jaksa, Administration
Sherrie Promersberger, Administration

Inter Agency Early Intervention Committee:
Wade Pavleck
Kevin Adee, Alternate

Jobs and Training:
Kevin Adee
(2nd Thursday each month in Virgina)

Joint Powers Natural Resources Board:
Mike Hanson
Kevin Adee Alt
(meets as needed in Bemidji)

KEDA – Economic Development Authority:
Mike Hanson
Wade Pavleck
Kevin Adee Alt
Remaining Board Members also alternates 2000/09-46

KOOTASCA Board of Directors:
Kevin Adee

Land Use Planning Technical Committee:
On file in Environmental Service Department

Land Use Steering Committee:
On file in the Environmental Service Department

Laurentian R&C:
Kevin Adee
Mike Hanson (ALT)

License Committee:
J.J. Hasbargen - Attorney
Duane Nelson - Sheriff
Charles Lepper- Board
Kevin Adee - Board
Stephen Blair – E.S. Dept
Ann Scholler – Coordinates Committee

Littlefork Ambulance District:
Wade Pavleck

Littlefork/Loman Fire District:
Wade Pavleck – Littlefork
Mike Hanson – Loman

Littlefork/Rat Root River Board
Wade Pavleck
Kevin Adee
Tom Morris

Littlefork/Rat Root River Advisory Committee:
To be activated in 2001

Management Committee:
Larry Chezick - Board
Wade Pavleck - Board
Teresa Jaksa, Coordinator
Terry Glowack, Complex Superintendent

MCIS Board Representatives:
I.S. Manager Jaci Nagle
Alternate – Lorella Fulton, Assistant Assessor 2002/07-09

MNDot Enhancement Committee:
Charles Lepper- Board

Mental Health Advisory Board:
Kevin Adee
Kathleen Riley
Deb Brown
Sue Congrave – PHN Director
Joan Christianson
Harry Batdorf
Jane Besch
Brenda Crowe
Jean Evens
Deb Walters
Jean Anderson
Jerry Kantor
Cindy Ellefson-Oswald – KCCS Supervisor
(quarterly at Hardwig House)

Minnesota County Engineers Association
Doug Grindall, Vice President

MPCA Basin Committee: 2002/09-43
Commissioner Charles Lepper
Environmental Service Director Richard Lehtinen

Negotiation Committee:
Law Enforcement Unit-
Member: Kevin Adee
Alternate: Wade Pavleck
AFSCME - Community Service Unit-
Member: Mike Hanson
Alternate: Larry Chezick
AFSCME - Courthouse Unit-
Member: Larry Chezick
Alternate: Kevin Adee
49er's - Highway Unit-
Member: Wade Pavleck
Alternate: Mike Hanson
Non Union/Elected-
Member: Full Board
*** Commissioner Lepper to serve on all committees

NE MN Housing Consortium Advisory Committee:
Mike Hanson
(meets 2 times per year)

Northern Counties Land Use Coordinating Board:
Charles Lepper
Wade Pavleck
Mike Hanson (alt)
Richard Lehtinen - Environmental Service Director

Northland Counseling Committee:
Wade Pavleck
Kathleen Riley
Russ Johnson
(3rd Thursday in Grand Rapids)

Northome Fire District Advisory Board:
Mike Hanson

Noxious Weed Committee and Appeal Committee:
Mike Hanson
Ralph Lewis
Gene Larson
Ken Kininger Alt
Bloyd Breneman Alt
Jan Derdowski - Extension Agent Alt

Personnel Committee:
Wade Pavleck - Board
Charles Lepper - Board
Teresa Jaksa - Coordinator

Planning and Zoning Commission:
Don Lukenbill
Einar Sundin
Steve Earley
Carol Dalton, Vice Chr
James Hebner
Bruce Sampson
Susan Baratono
Keith Sutherland
Ralph Lewis
Charles Lepper
Eldon Voigt

Hwy 53 Task Force - Wade Pavleck and Charles Lepper – County appointment
VNP Planning – Wade Pavleck-County Apppointment
Fuel Assistance Liaison for Wade Pavleck and Charles Lepper – County Rep
Backus/AB Committee – Larry Chezick
Highway 11 Scenic Byway – all Board members

Public Health Nuisance Committee:
Duane Nelson - Sheriff
J. J. Hasbargen - Attorney
Susan Congrave - Public Health Director
Richard Lehtinen - Environmental Service Director
Susan Schnick - Investigator

Rapid/Rainy River Board:
Mike Hanson
Kevin Adee
Julie Mellstrom
Vern James
Dave Marhula
Patrick LaValla

Red Lake Watershed District Steering Committee:
John Ungerecht

ROSS Citizen Advisory Committee:
Wade Pavleck
Larry Chezick
Myrna Ahlgren
Jim Bischoff
Elywn Boe
Clint Chase
Gary Coran
Walt Jaakkola
Byrne Johnson
Kurt Kennedy
Ron Laurion
Mahlon Moore
David Reimer
Paul Reuter Jr
Perry Trask
Myron Choquette

Rural Health Issues:
Mike Hanson – County Appointment

Safety Committee:
Teresa Jaksa - Coordinator
Duane Nelson - Sheriff
Doug Grindall/Walt Buller – Hwy Reps
Marty Cody – Assessor Rep
Steve Blair – Hwy Rep
Marie Mettler – PHN Rep
Ranae Whitbeck – KCCS Rep
Cindy Ellefson-Oswald – KCCS rep
Bob Peterson - Auditor
Terry Glowack – Complex Superintendent
Richard Lehtinen – E.S. Dept
Dennis Hummitzsch – L&F
David Larson – Courthouse Rep

Soil and Water:
Mike Hanson
Kevin Adee Alt

Solid Waste Advisory Committee:
Wade Pavleck Board
Kevin Adee
Mike Romslo
Marc Windsnes
Richard Demars
Jim Fiedler
Jan Derdowski(ex-officio)
Doug Grindall(ex-officio)
Darwin Troy
Catherine Crawford
Allen Linder
Einar Sundin, Chair

Survey Committee:
Dennis Hummitzsch - Land Commissoner
Doug Grindall - Highway Engineer
Pam Lagoo - Recorder
Teresa Jaksa - Coordinator
Wade Pavleck - Board
Richard Lehtinen, E.S. Director

Tri County Public Health Services Board:
Mike Hanson – Board
Phyllis Karsnia
(meets 1st Thursday even numbered months)
(Board motion 2001/01-33 appints Hanson and Karsnia for 3-Year Term starting January 1, 2001)

Visitor and Convention Bureau:
No Board Member Appointment

Visual Quality Committee:
Dennis Hummitzsch, Land Commissioner
Steven Earley, Forest Industry
Mike Williams, Tourism Industry
Reynold Lofgren, Nonindustrial Private Forest Landowner
Gordon Dobbs, Logger
John Stegmeir, DNR Forestry

Wetland Advisory/Planning Committee:
Charles Lepper- Board
Richard Lehtinen - Environmental Services Director
Tom Toratti - Soil & Water

Williams Fire District:
Mike Hanson


KDA CHAIR - Commissioner Wade Pavleck

KDA VICE CHAIR - Commissioner Larry Chezick

Peat – Mike Hanson
Cold Weather Testing -Wade Pavleck & Mike Hanson - see KEDA
Biomass – Mike Hanson
Northome Bear Center – Mike Hanson
Busing – Charles Lepper and Larry Chezick

- 2003

Wade Pavleck
P.O. Box 1253
International Falls, MN 56649
(218) 286-5273

Kevin Adee
3176 Co. Rd. 24
International Falls, MN 56649
(218) 283-2035

Larry Chezick
2318 4th Avenue E
International Falls, MN 56649
(218) 283-4325

Charles Lepper
1113 13th Avenue
International Falls, MN 56649
(218) 283-2394

Michael Hanson
1740 Co. Rd. 86 N
Birchdale, MN 56629
(218) 634-1340

County Coordinator Teresa Jaksa
Courthouse – 715 4th Street
International Falls, MN 56649
(218) 283-1152
Fax: (218) 283-1151


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