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Pam Rooney - Recorder
Jan Hendrickson - Deputy Recorder
Lindsay Frank - Deputy Recorder  


Search our land records from the convenience of your desktop.
See below under “Recording” for more information or visit
iDocMarket online.


Click below for information on the following:
  Recording Tangible Interest Law  
  Well Certificates Marriage Certificates  
  Document Standards Marriage License  
  Vital Statistics *see Notice below Passports *see Notice below  
  Birth Certificates Notary Commission  
  Death Certificates    

Please contact us for information regarding any of the above services.

Phone: 218-283-1193 or Fax: 218-283-1194

This office cannot answer court-related questions, including information regarding divorce decrees. Please contact the Court Administrator's office.


* Notice: US Passports and Minnesota Birth and Death Certificates Services

In an effort to strengthen the security and integrity of the passport issuance process, the US Dept of State and National Passport Services (under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative) have implemented a policy for all dual function offices, effective May 1st, 2011. Under this policy, the Recorder’s office cannot overlap duties between the Passport Acceptance Program and birth/death certificate printing. These federal agencies see a conflict between the two services and believe they need to minimize opportunity for fraud by their passport agents.

If you need to apply for a passport or a birth/death certificate, you may continue to visit the Recorder’s Office anytime Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm. Usually, there should not be a problem obtaining these services, but because of vacation and/or sick days and the separation of duties policy, it may benefit you to call ahead if you need same day service. (218-283-1193)

As always, we will continue to do our best to provide you with your passport and birth/death certificate needs in an efficient and timely manner.

  All real estate transactions are recorded at the Recorder's Office.
Fees are as follows:
  Record any document - $46
    documents standards
  Multiple filing fee for satisfactions, partial releases and assignments -
$10 per document listed after 4
  Plat Filing - $56
Fees for Torrens documents are the same as above. Additional charges will be collected for multiple certificate entries, Residue Certificates, Exchange Certificates, CECT Plats, Amendments, etc. Please call the Recorder’s Office for questions.
For deeds and mortgages being recorded, the Auditor/Treasurer’s office will collect a separate check for State Deed Tax and Mortgage Registration Tax. Please contact the Koochiching County Auditor/Treasurer Office for details.

Koochiching County’s recorded documents may be searched online by credit card using Tyler Technology’s iDocMarket at: .

The following plans are available to accommodate all users.
For one-time customers the following two options are available:

Quick Pass (1 hr) $6 w/2 free views $1 per view over 2 .50 per print
Day Pass $10 w/5 free views $1 per view over 5 .50 per print

Or for more frequent users, subscribe by the month with one of the following plans:

Plan A $50 w/ 100 views .80 per view over 100 .35 per print
Plan B $100 w/200 views 75 per view over 200 .35 per print
Plan C $200 w/400 views .70 per view over 400 .35 per print
Plan D $500 w/unlimited views   .35 per print
Click HERE for information about our document and image availability, how they are entered, and search tips for Koochiching County.

Well Certificates

For all deeds with a State Deed Tax over $1.65, you must disclose whether or not there is a well on the property. One of the following statements should be added to the deed:

    - A well disclosure certificate accompanies this document.
    - The seller certifies that the seller does not know of any wells on the described real property.
    - I am familiar with the property described in this instrument, and I certify that the status and number of wells on the described real property have not changed since the last previously filed well disclosure certificate.
  A $50 fee is required to file a well certificate. All wells must be disclosed regardless of the number of wells on the property.

Click here to access the online form and for more information on well certificates.


Vital Statistics
  The Recorder’s Office is a local Registrar of the Vital Records for the Minnesota Department of Health.
  Website for Minnesota Department of Health
  - For certified Birth and Death certificates, an application proving tangible interest must be completed. Minnesota Statute, Section 144.225, subdivision 7. Applications are available to print at the MN Department of Health web site linked above.
  - If applying by mail, you must complete the application, sign it before a notary, and send it in with a photocopy of your driver's license. Fees are shown below. If applying in person, please complete the application and show proof of identity.
Birth Certificates
    - Minnesota birth certificates from 1935 to present are available at any courthouse in Minnesota. For Minnesota births prior to 1935, please contact the county in which the person was born.
  Fees for Birth Certificates:
    Certified copies - $26 for the first copy
      $19 for each additional copy needed at the same time
    Uncertified copies - $13 for the first copy
    $6 for each additional copy needed at the same time
Death Certificates
    Minnesota death certificates from 1997 to present are available at any courthouse in Minnesota. For Minnesota deaths prior to 1997, please contact the county in which the person died.
    Fees for Death Certificates:  
    Certified and uncertified copies - $13 for the first copy
    $6 for each additional copy needed at the same time
  Tangible Interest Law
    Minnesota Statutes, section 144.225, subdivision 7 restricts access to a certified birth or death certificate, which means you must have a tangible interest to obtain a certified birth or death record. This law was effective August 1, 2000.
    Click here for more information about tangible interest
Marriage Certificates
  Marriage Certificates are available at the Recorder’s office only for those couples who applied for their license in Koochiching County. Call or write with your request. Please provide full names and date of marriage.
  Marriage Certificate Fees:
  Certified copies - $9 for the first copy
  Uncertified copies - $9 for the first copy

Click here to access MOMS - Minnesota Official Marriage System.

Marriage License
  Marriage Licenses are available at the Recorder’s Office. Applicants must complete an application, provide social security numbers and have a picture ID when applying.
  Marriage License Fee: $115

Proof of pre-marital education classes submitted in format required by MN statutes, reduces the fee to $40.
MN Statute 517.08 Subdivision 1b (b)
There is a 5-day waiting period after applying before the marriage license will be issued. After the marriage license is issued, it is valid for 6 months.

The Koochiching County Recorder’s office is a Passport Agent for the U.S. Department of State Passport Services.
Website for Passport Information is:

National Passport Information Center toll free # 1-877-487-2778

Click here for additional passport facts and differences between the passport book and the passport card.

Click here for information about applying for the Passport Book or the Passport Card. Application DS-11
You may get a passport application form from the Recorder’s office or print one from the website above. Passport applications must be signed in front of a passport agent.
Expedited Service is an additional $60 per application. You may also include $14.85 for overnight service from the Passport Agency.

Also, if you prefer, please provide an overnight envelope and purchase a $19.99 stamp to overnight your application from the Recorder’s office to the Passport Agency.

For Renewals:

Pick up an application at the Recorder’s Office or visit to print one online. You may use the renewal application if you can answer “yes” to the following four questions:

• I can submit my most recent US passport book and/or US passport card with this application.

• I was at least 16 years old when my most recent US passport book and/or card was issued.

• I was issued my most recent US passport book and/or US passport card less than 15 years ago.

• My most recent US passport book and/or US passport card that I am renewing has not been lost, stolen, mutilated, or damaged.

• My US passport has not been limited from the normal ten year validity period due to passport damage/mutilation, multiple passport thefts/losses, or non-compliance with 22 CFR 51.41 (Please refer to the back pages of your US passport book for endorsement information.)

• I use the same name as on my most recent US passport book and/or US passport card.

- OR –

I have had my name changed by marriage or court order and can submit proper documentation to reflect my name change.

If you answered “no” to any of the four statements above, you must apply with application DS-11 (see above).


Notary Commission
  To become a Notary Public in Minnesota, you must first apply to:
    Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State
  180 State Office Building
  100 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
  St. Paul, MN 55155
  Phone 651-296-2803

They will issue you a Notary Commission card that must be registered in the county where you reside.
  To register in Koochiching County, please bring your Notary Commission card, $20 and a photo ID to the Recorder’s Office.
  For information on becoming a notary, visit the Office of the Secretary of State website.
  Please be sure to read the "Duties of a Notary" and "Handbook" sections and download a printable version of the Notary Public Brochure as a guide to the basic fundamentals of being a notary.

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