2016 Construction Projects

CSAH-23 - New county road linking TH-11 to CSAH 20 (City Beach Rd.).  (Open)
CR-3 - Crack Seal and Chip Seal.  (Complete)
CSAH-79 - 33,950' Mill, Reclaim, and Overlay (Complete)
CSAH-108 - 5,000' Mill, Reclaim, and Overlay (Complete)
CR-97 - 8,000' Mill, Reclaim, and Overlay (Oct.) (Complete)
CR-98 - 1,240' Mill, Reclaim, and Overlay (Oct.) (Complete)
CSAH-2 - 15,473' Mill and Overlay (Complete
CSAH-22 - 16,800' Mill and Overlay (Complete)
CSAH-30 - 1,000 Mill and Overlay (Complete)
CSAH-32 - 23,760' Mill and Overlay (Complete
CSAH-42 - 1,400' Mill and Overlay (Complete)
CSAH-4 - Inslope Stabilization (Complete) 
CSAH-9 - Inslope Stabilization (Complete)
CSAH-8 - Inslope Stabilization (Complete)
CSAH-8 - Culvert Replacement.  5.5mi South of TH217. (Complete)
CSAH-8 - Culvert Replacement.  .75mi North of Nett Lake River (Complete) 
CSAH-22 - Bridge Deck and Guardrail Replacement (Complete)
UT-17 - Hartman Bridge Replacement (Complete) 
CR-146 - Slide Stabilization (Complete)
CR-97 - Rat Root River Bank Stabilization, Culvert and Guardrail Replacement (Complete)
Miscellaneous Culvert Erosion Projects - CSAH-15, CR27, CR32, CR54, CR86, CR88, CR90, CR93, and CR135 (Complete)