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Data Availability

All Koochiching County Abstract documents are scanned and available.  They are presently indexed from 1974 to the present date.
Random documents are indexed for one reason or another, so you may find documents indexed with an earlier recording date.
To find a document that has not yet been indexed, you will first need to view the Tract Index page for the legal description you are searching.

All Torrens documents are indexed and available.

Tract Index pages for older documents are available. They are indexed by legal description and should appear when searching by legal description (if searching a tract index page for a subdivision (plat), search by plat name and block - no lot number).

When viewing our tract index pages, you will notice the older recorded documents are tracked by Book and Page. 
Some Book and Page documents will appear in iDocMarket, but most will not.  They will, however, be available later in 2016.
See Searching Tips for more information.
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