Recycling Program

Recycling Curbside Collection

Recyclables will be picked up in the following areas on these scheduled days.

International Falls

  • Areas north of 11th Street and west of Highway 53, plus Terrace Lane
    • Last Wednesday of each month
  • Areas south of 11th Street, including South Falls and Shorewood Drive
    • Last Wednesday of each month

Ranier and Lake District

  • East on Highway 11 to Almost Lindy’s
    • Last Wednesday of each month

Recycling Drop-Off Locations

  • Big Falls
    • Canister site
  • Birchdale
    • Canister site
  • International Falls
    • Near water tower behind Dairy Queen
    • Transfer station
  • Littlefork
    • Near County garage
  • Loman
    • Canister site
  • Mizpah
    • Canister site
  • Northome
    • Mizpah Canister Site
  • Ray
    • Canister site

These items are currently being accepted.
  • Glass - Glass food and beverage containers are recyclable. Rinse containers, remove covers. Labels do not need to be removed. Colored glass is acceptable. Examples of acceptable items include:
    • Food containers
    • Juice containers
    • Soda bottles
    • Wine and liquor bottles
    Glass must be delivered directly to recycle center for recycling.
  • Metal - Examples of acceptable items include:
    • Aluminum/steel cans
    • Beverage cans
    • Metal food cans (please rinse)
  • Paper - Some paper is recyclable. Put office paper and newspapers in paper bag and place in recycle bin. Examples of acceptable items include:
    • Corrugated cardboard (recycle center)
    • Magazines/catalogs (recycle center)
    • Newspaper
    • Office paper
    • Paper bags
  • Plastic - All numbers 1 and 2 plastics - colored or clear - are accepted. Please rinse containers.
Not Accepted
The following items are not accepted. These items are often seen in the recycling trailers and should instead be placed in the trash.
  • Glass/Similar Materials
    • Ceramic cups and dishes
    • Crystal
    • Heat-resistant cookware
    • Light bulbs
    • Mirror and window glass
  • Metal
    • Aerosol spray cans
    • Aluminum foil/pie tins
    • Jar lids
    • Metal toys
    • Paint cans
  • Paper
    • Disposable diapers
    • Egg cartons
    • Milk cartons
    • Pop/beer boxes
    • Tissue paper/Kleenex
  • Plastics
    • Plastic bags - Please empty and place in garbage
    • Plastic bags/plastic wrap of all types
    • Plastic numbers 3 - 6
    • Styrofoam containers, trays or packing material
    • Toys