Welcome to the Koochiching County Highway Department

Our goal is to provide a high level of cost effective service and maintenance to the Koochiching County roadways and bridges.  Ensuring that all residents, visitors and businesses have access to a safe and functional transportation system.
Snow plow with shovel down

Spring Load Restrictions:

On May 16th, 2022 at 7:00am - Koochiching County will be lifting Spring Load Restrictions on County State Aid (CSAH) and paved County Roads (CR).

Restrictions on all Unorganized Township (UT) roads whether paved or gravel, as well as all gravel County Roads (CR), will be in place until at least May 31, 2022.  

All roads will be monitored for condition, and are subject to posting if that condition deteriorates.

Please contact Trent Nicholson at 218-283-1187 with any questions.  

Nuisance Beaver and Hired Truck  

Zone Maps:

2022 - Koochiching County Beaver and Truck Map

County Road Update (4/27/22)

Please continue to use caution on all roads in Koochiching County.  Ground saturation mixed with flowing water and frost can cause washouts on roadways quickly.  Currently all roads maintained by Koochiching County are open and being monitored for changes in condition.  Please report any washouts to the Koochiching County Highway Department.  Dave Reimer 218-283-1186 or Trent Nicholson 218-283-1187.

Gravel Roads:

With the late snow falls, increased precipitation and late snow melt, we are seeing deterioration in our gravel roads.  Unfortunately, we are unable to get heavy equipment, specifically motor graders, down these roads to make repairs at this time.  We will be addressing as the frost exits and the roads allow.