Tax Information Request

A Message from the County Assessor & County Auditor/Treasurer

Our goal to serve you with accurate information continues to be our mission. Due to a decrease in staff, we are experiencing difficulty in meeting immediate property tax based telephone requests. Therefore, we are requesting the following:
  • For property tax information such as taxpayer identification numbers, owner/taxpayer, legal description or payment status, please fax your request to the auditor/treasurer at 218-283-1111.
  • For property class descriptions and/or valuation information please fax your requests to the assessor at 218-283-1125.
  • Zoning and flood plain information requests should be faxed to 218-283-1159.
  • For automated response, please provide a return fax number.
  • If a certified response is required, please state as such in your request. A nominal fee will be charged. Otherwise, the information will be for tax purposes only as stated on the returned form.
If you have any questions concerning your value, please contact Assessor Len Peterson at 218-283-7002 and any tax questions to Auditor/Treasurer Tom West at 218-283-1112.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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